Construction ideas.

Underground water storage solutions, Yes the restrictions have eased, but for how long?

Before starting a new landscape construction consider the potential of a water tank in the ground.

With water storage out of sight the landscape will never be held back by water restrictions again.

After the the design is finalised and the desired products have been confirmed, the groundwork can start.
Depending on the scope of work to be undertaken, the construction usually starts with an accurate survey of the land assessing the fall and drainage of the site.

Most jobs will then require some excavation of the site to establish any sub-structure components. Taking absolute care to preserve existing garden elements, we will first install components such as water tanks, storm water drains, irrigation pipes, a concrete slab for paving or stumps for decking.

Then what we call the hardscape stage (the hard elements such as paving, decking, retaining walls, etc ) begins. While ensuring a high standard of quality workmanship and adhering to any relevant Australian Standards, KMD landscapes will start creating the outdoor living area you've always dreamed about.

After all the hardscapes are complete, and any soil areas have been conditioned as necessary, it's time for the decorative touches: instant turf, garden planting, water features, and/or garden seating.

...Last but not least comes the time when we do a thorough clean up. Then, all you need to do is grab the Sunday paper or a bottle of your favourite drop and sit back in your garden seating and enjoy the splendour of your new outdoor sanctuary.